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Beef Shares for Sale

Posted 10/27/2010 10:07am by Patti Rosenberg.

Pastured Black Angus Beef shares are now for sale.  This beef is raised on grass with a little corn in pasture to keep them manageable.  Our pastures are free of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers (and as a result they look and perform superbly!).  Our beef is free of growth hormones, preventive antibiotics and will never know what a feed lot looks like.  A quarter share is $5.00 per pound and should yield about 80 lbs of beef (~$400).  A half share is $4.50 per pound and should yield about 160 lbs (~$720).  A whole share is $4.00 per pound and should yield about 320 lbs. (~$1280).  Our beef is cut, packaged and ready for your freezer and delivered in December or January for orders received before November 15th.  Treat yourself and your family to fresh, great tasting, nutritious beef. 

If you would like to buy a quarter, half or whole share, complete the form below and fax it to Patti Rosenberg at 857-233-4171.

Waverly Farms Beef Shares

About our Beef:  Waverly Farms raises select Black Angus cattle on fresh, green Virginia pasture that is never sprayed with pesticides or herbicides.  Our beef are fed a small ration of grain each day to keep them manageable and tasty.  They are sent directly from pasture processing without growth hormones or antibiotics. 

About our Beef Shares:  Friends and family may purchase a share of our Black Angus cattle while they are “on hoof”.  Quarter, half or whole shares are sold by the pound.  Packaged beef is delivered cut, frozen and to you in January, 2011, within weeks of actual processing.  All payments are due prior to December 18, 2010.  Approximate yields and prices are:

  • Quarter share yields about 80 lbs of packaged beef and is sold at $5.00/lb (appx. $400)
  • Half share yields about 160 lbs of packaged beef and is sold at $4.50/lb. (appx. $720)
  • Whole share yields about 320 lbs of packaged beef and is sold at $4.00/lb. (appx. $1,280)

To reserve a share of one of our grass/grain fed Black Angus steer:  Complete the form below and send to: Patti Rosenberg, Waverly Farms, 938 Elletts Mill Rd., Burkeville, VA 23922 or email us with your order: patti_rosenberg@hotmail.com or fax to us at 857-233-4171.

Name: ___________________________________  Telephone: __________________________

Shipping Address: _______________________________________________________________

Billing Address: __________________________________________________________________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________________

Black Angus Beef Share (check one):


Quarter ~ 80lbs $400


Half ~ 160lbs $720


Whole ~ 320 lbs $1,280


Method of Payment:
____  Check: Amount enclosed: $__________________; will send later $___________________
____  Lay Away:  Send what you can each month.  Total due no later than 12/18/ 2010.
____  Credit Card  
         Card Number: ___________________________  Exp. Date: ______________  Code: ____

Payment in full is required before delivery.  Our beef is 100% guaranteed.  Since we cannot store beef, any shares that are not paid in advance of 12/18/ 2010 will be sold to others.  Please don’t hesitate to call Patti Rosenberg at 214-914-0323 if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Grass and grain fed Black Angus beef from Waverly Farms.