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New Friends Visit Waverly Farms

Posted 10/27/2010 9:53am by Patti Rosenberg.

Mostly my sister Carol, our friend and neighbor Donny Schutt, our cousin Bob Agnew and his friends, and I prepared Waverly Farms to receive 85 guests who were interested in learning about pasture management, rotational grazing and goats.  We decorated a new barn and served dinner to everyone, and put up a small farm stand with quiche, canned goods and fresh vegetables havested that morning.  The combined resources and experts of Piedmont Soil and Water Conservatin, National Conservation Resources Services, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University put on a great seminar!  We learned alot and made new friends.  Luckily, we had 5.5 inches of rain the week before.  The farm looked great!

Farm Tour Announcement85 guests tour Waverly Farms and learn about pastures, rotational grazing and goats.