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Waverly Farms CSA 7/20/17 - All Members (Complete Version)

Posted 7/20/2017 11:11am by Patti Rosenberg.

Waverly Farms, LC

Dear Members, 

There is much I want to tell you about the items in your share this week, starting with Lime Light Hydrangeas and Lemon Basil. These two items LOVE to have cut stems in water. When they arrive, please cut the stems at an angle place them into a vase, jar or bowl of fresh water immediately. Make sure the stems of basil are in the water. The leaves should be mostly above water. a glass, jar or bowl is perfect for basil. Displayed like a bouquet of flowers on your kitchen counter, basil will last several weeks. If either of these lovelies arrive wilted, just soak them in water - flower and all - for 45 minutes and they should perk back up. For more about keeping hydrangeas fresh, see How to Keep Cut Hydrangeas from Wilting

Purple Hull Peas should be removed from the plastic bag and laid on your counter in a cool place to dry out a bit. Too much moisture will cause them to mold. And, the dryer they are the easier they are to shell. You can shell and cook these peas now, or let them dry for long-term storage. The dryer they are the longer you will soak them before cooking. If you cook them soon, no soaking is needed and they will cook in less than 10 minutes. 

Whole Tomatoes are best NOT REFRIGERATED because refrigeration destroys flavor. Cut tomatoes should be stored in the refrigerator. Store whole tomatoes in a shallow bowl or dish on your kitchen counter. If they are not as red as you'd like, turn them upside down and place in a a sunny window and they will continue to ripen and turn a beautiful red color. We intentionally harvest some early so they last longer in your kitchen.

Eggplant also keeps better when stored in a dark cool place, not refrigerated, and eaten as soon as possible. But, interestingly, don't store tomatoes and eggplant together because tomatoes put off ethylene, a natural gas that breaks down eggplant. See Place to Store Eggplant is Not in the Refrigerator

Tomatoes for Sale - Fresh or Canned

If you would like additional tomatoes in a future CSA share to can or freeze for winter, we can sell you "seconds" for just $2/lb. But, be prepared to preserve them immediately upon arrival because the bruises and spots will cause them to age rapidly. If you prefer "first quality" tomatoes, additional ones are $4/lb. These will last longer and have fewer blemishes. Simply reply to this email to let us know how many pounds you'd like and we'll send them as we have them with your CSA share (we'll let you know in advance when to expect them).

If you prefer for us to preserve tomatoes for you, we can do that for $8/quart for the following: Tomato Sauce with Basil (for pasta and pizza), Tomato Juice (you can season your own Bloody Mary mix or just drink it), or Whole Canned Tomatoes (for soups, stews and just about everything). We can also do Tomato Paste and Tomato Ketchup for $8/pint. Let us know how many of each you would like, if any, by simply replying to this email. 

CSA Shares - All Members

This delicious dinner includes Mini Eggplant Pizzas (a must if you want children to love eggplant), Garlic Smashed Potatoes (using potatoes from previous weeks, this recipe also works without all of the extra stuff in the recipe. Just boil, smash, add salt and pepper) and Purple Hull Peas, simply boiled with salt then garnished with butter and pepper. The recipe link includes loads of recipes using purple hull peas. 

Eggplant - For the mini eggplant pizzas (above) we used our basil and cherry tomatoes and Tomato Pasta Sauce from Bombolini Pasta. I thought a basil pesto would have been even better, so here is an easy recipe for Basil Pesto. You can adjust it for the amount of basil you use. If you don't have pine nuts (or think they are too expensive, as I do), you can use walnuts, which work just as well. I would be remiss not to include to classic Eggplant Parmesan and another popular dish: Baked Eggplant Sticks

Dragon Tongue Beans are a hit with our members. Tracy made a version of this Jamie Dean Green Been Salad using our Dragon Tongue beans, cherry tomatoes and basil. She added slivered almonds and other things she had in her kitchen and was so excited about the flavors she sent a picture and very kind words for our hardworking staff. Thank you, Tracy!!

Sweet Peppers - These are perfect for chopping, cooking with onion and adding to anything, even your eggplant or other pizzas. Also perfect for a snack. I also think they would be awesome in a pasta dish with your purple hull peas, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil in a modified version of Penne with Herbs, Tomatoes and Peas. If you are a protein share member, you might put these on your beef kabobs or sauté them with onions and you pork bratwurst (see recipes below).

Garlic - This freshly cured garlic will last longer than the greener bulbs we've been sending. Try Roasted Garlic and all of the amazing possibilities that go along with it. Or, just use it as seasoning for other dishes. 

Protein Shares - Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Members

Beef Roast - I used to run away from roasts, but not since I've learned how amazingly versatile they are! Of course you can cook them in the oven. The slow cooker is especially easy and delicious and who doesn't love Beef Barbecue or The Best Crockpot Beef Stew? The grill works for some roasts, like London Broil. And, you can cut this fine, lean beef into Beef Kabobs (marinate tougher roasts in a vinegar-base first) or tiny chunks for the best Chunky Chili you will ever serve. It's hard for us to include recipes for each kind of roast, so I recommend you look up recipes specifically for the roast you received. 

Pork Bratwurst - With peppers and onions, you might make Grilled Sausages, Onions and Peppers. From there, the possibilities are endless. You can cook these in a pan, too, and add a hotdog bun with mustard and other delicious toppings. These would be great in a casserole, too, such as Potato Sausage Casserole

Beef Burger - If you're grilling for friends or family, this beef burger rounds out an amazing trio of Beef Kabobs, Grilled Pork Bratwurst, and Hamburgers. Here is How to Grill the Perfect Hamburger

We hope you enjoy this week's share. Thank you for investing in us and trusting us with your food. 


Stuart and Patti Rosenberg, owners
Wade Bagley, garden manager, and all of the amazing people who work at
Waverly Farms, LC
2345 Lewiston Plank Rd.
Burkeville, VA 23922
214-914-0323 (Patti's cell)
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