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Waverly Farms CSA 9/28/17 - All Members

Posted 9/28/2017 5:55am by Patti Rosenberg.

Waverly Farms, LC

Dear Members, 

CSA shares are quite abundant this week. For some members that is really good news. For others, it causes stress. Don't let it. First, you can make soups and freeze them. You will appreciate having them during the barren winter months. Second, you can always share your vegetables with friends, family and co-workers, either raw or cooked for them. Finally, you should not worry if you have to compost or otherwise discard some of your vegetables. Our vegetables enhance rather than harm the environment. If you don't have a compost pile, just dig a hole and bury them. Soil life in your yard will be most appreciated! Nature is just that way. Yields vary and some months are lean while others are abundant. Thank you for your stewardship!

Here are some healthy meal ideas that will gobble up your vegetables:

CSA Shares - All Members

Rainbow Chard - a good substitute for spinach, chard is actually related to the beet family so full of vitamins A and K. Chard would go well with beet greens, cabbage, and broccoli. 

Kale - would be great is smoothies, as would chard and cabbage. This primer for greens in smoothies will help you discover the power of green: Rotate Your Greens is a great place to start, then click Let's Blend under Jen's picture for next steps and recipes. 

Chinese Cabbage - this superfood makes any vegetable sweeter. Some of our members put cabbage in with other greens to inspire consumption. Roasted Cabbage Steaks are another fool-proof savory, sweet and so easy to make recipe. 

Butternut Squash - again, roast these and then you can do anything. Just eat them roasted right out of the skin, make a soup or enjoy them on lovely lettuce as in Roasted Beet and Butternut Squash Salad with Nuts and Feta.

Lettuce - please be sure to wash your lettuce, since head lettuce grows close to the ground and is difficult for us to clean, fully. Chilled, this lettuce becomes crispy and is delicious with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. Throw in any fruit, nuts and favorite cheese to make it a meal. 

Sweet Peppers - see the fabulous Mama Corleon's recipe above. 

Beets - see the roasted beet recipe above, throw the greens into a sauté with chard or cabbage or broccoli, top all with feta cheese. Simple Roasted Beets.

Broccoli - please do not overcook these precious gems. They need a light steaming. When cooking broccoli with other vegetables, cut broccoli into bite-sized pieces and throw them on for the last 1-2 minutes. Load them down with garlicky butter, parmesan or just a drizzle olive oil to release the power of broccoli's nutrition. 

Protein Shares - All Members

Beef Steaks - remember to thaw these beauties in your refrigerator for at least five days before grilling or cooking them. A dry rub and tiny dabs of balsamic vinegar are all the seasoning you need. Grass-fed beef should be cooked rare to medium-rare for best result. How to Cook the Perfect, Tender Grass-fed Steak

Bratwurst - Brats are fantastic on the grill, especially good with cabbage. See recipes at the top of this newsletter. 

Hamburger - always great in spaghetti, tacos, grilled hamburgers, chili. What's there not to love about hamburger? 

Looking for a Farm Stay?

Check out our Farm House for your next event or getaway.  October is filling up fast, but November, December and even winter months are full of things to do. CSA members receive a 15% discount. We're on Airbnb at: 



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