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We've Come Along Way, Baby.

Posted 6/17/2010 11:19am by Patti Rosenberg.

On June 1, 2010 the fifth generation of farmers was born to our daughter and her husband, Katherine and Nicholas Rand.  The twin boys are named Liam and Tristan and they are adorable!  We know they will have great nutrition as they grow.  We will make sure they also love their visits to Waverly Farms!  We'll post pictures of these little gems, soon!

A few days later, on June 8th, our niece, Lucie Rosenberg, joined us at the farm full-time.  After earning a degree in Political Science at Furman University, Lucie embraced Food Policy as her passion.  She plans to eventually continue her education and promises to influence legislators, students, farmers and others to embrace the principles of healthy, safe food and food policy that encourages sustainable farming practices.  In her youthful wisdom, she felt that she would be a better policy person and educator if she actually worked and lived on a farm for a while.  So, Lucie is our first Intern.  Her job is to advance Waverly Farms product line, while also connecting other farmers who meet our standards with buyers who care about the food they eat.  Lucie is off to a great start as evidenced by this website, of which she is the primary creator and author!  In her spare time, she works in the gardens with Donny and Bobby; fearlessly picks wild raspberries and blackberries among the poison oak and other wildlife; researches everything from greenhouses to farmers markets; cooks great meals for anyone who happens to be around; and even helps around the house.  For extra money, she's cooking a few nights a week with Thomas, the most talented chef in Virginia, at Maxine's Restaurant in Farmville.  Lucie takes food seriously!

Lucie was thrilled to discover Maxine's!Lucie in the kitchen garden with Lucky watching the goats.