Does for Sale


  These six does are 9 months old and ready to breed.  The darker ones are twin Valera Spanish girls.  The white ones are Spanish/Savanna crosses.  Spanish are tough as nails, great producers, and throw gorgeous colors.  Savannas add meat. 

  Our does are required to live and birth on pasture and so must remain parasite resistant.  We keep good records of their lineage, birthweights, treatments, observations, FAMACHA eye scores.   

15 additional Spanish does just delivered and will be weaned in mid May. Savanna does are expected this month.   Contact Us for pricing and more information. 

"Cinnamon""Cinnamon""Cinnamon""Midnight", pregnant with Zora"Meenie" and "Eenie"Young "Eenie""Cinnamon" and baby "Eenie"A pregnant "Midnight"Midnight's baby, ZoraMidnight's baby Zora, the first baby born at Waverly Farms.Domina feeding newborn buckling, DominoDomina and baby buckling, DominoMothers and babies"Eenie"Patti with Cinnamon cleaning roadside weeds.MeenieDominaFrecklesEenieMidnightMynieEenieDomina"Eenie"Goat cleaning roadside weeds.Patti welcomes new doelings to Waverly FarmsNew doeling, July2010New doeling, July2010New doelings, July2010A new doeling arrives July, 2010Meenie and Eenie when they first arrived in May, 2009Mynie and Moe synchronize their grazing.Meenie and Eenie enjoy new pasture.Goats with Mocha in pastureFamily PortraitMallo and her kid MelanieRegistered Savanna doeRegistered Savanna doeThe girls gather at the oak tree"Sally" plays on a devoted old table"Bertha" our lead doe"Icecycle" and daughter smile for the camera"Eenie" as a young girl"Cinnamon"Sally is a Smoke Ridge Spanish Doe who delivered quadsPatti leads a herd of young Spanish goats to a new pasture.Valera Spanish doe peeks through briars for a picture."Mallow" feeds her doeling in 2012Valera Spanish and Spanish/Savanna cross doelings for sale"Eenie" and quadsA magnificent Valera Spanish Quadruplet  Valera Spanish twinsValera Spanish Quadruplets at 2.5 weeks old on 3/4/2013Spanish and Savanna/Spanish Cross Does 9 months old.Spanish and Savanna/Spanish Does for SaleSpanish/Savanna Cross does 9 months old