Farm Family

Lucie in GardenA southern pasture.Lucie gathering wild raspberries and blackberries.Lucie checking on a zucchini with Lucky escorting her.Donny plowing a gardenStuart and Emma at Mallory's CreekStuart with a baby peach treeCinnamon, Donny and Patti with baby ZoraDrive to to the old farm houseStuart, Emma and Lucky stroll down to Mallory's CreekSam and Stuart catching worms for an afternoon of fishing.Katherine, Mocha and StuartAnnie, the former madam of Waverly FarmsStuart with new chicksLucie mucking stalls.  Nothing is wasted, especially healthy poop.Lucie spreading goat and llama manure in new pasture.Patti welcomes new doelings to Waverly FarmsEmma explains farm rules to the new herd.Emma playing chase with a new goatStuart and visiting brother-in-law Don after a hot day of cutting.Lucky is the official host of Waverly FarmsCarol's Strawberry CakeStuart and his brother, David, on the porch of The Lodge overlooking the pond.Emma tours pastures in Winter.Patti and sister CarolCarol, Katherine, Stuart, Tristan, Patti, Liam, Andrew and ElizabethSarah and Amanda LenningPatti with Lucky and EmmaCarol, Katherine, Stuart, Tristan, Patti, Liam, Andrew and ElizabethStuart, Katherine and ElizabethStuart, Patti and the new twin grandbabies: Liam and TristanGrandtwins Liam andTristan, future farmers (we hope) Liam and Tristan RandOur neighbors, Sarah and Amanda LenningCousin Andrew with LiamStuart and Patti with grandbabies Tristan and LiamPatti and StuartAmanda, Lucky, Patti and SarahSouthern PastureAmanda and Lucky bring guests to the farm dinnerA new barn prepared for a farm dinnerFrisky and Flopsey, our baby bunnies 3/9/2011Amanda dances in the Garden with EmmaAmanda and Cheyenne soothe a goatSarah Lenning at Pond with Stuart May 2013Stuart on Pond May 2013Taylor and Mocha May 2013