Our Garden


Annual and perennial fruits and vegetables are grown naturally and sustainably, without potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or preservatives. Some customers call us "beyond organic". Others are amazed to see us pull bugs off of plants by hand or to cover and uncover rows of crops multiple times per day to prevent an infestation.  

On-farm compost is produced from Waverly Farms' own hay, animal manure, oak leaves, and healthy plant debris.  When needed, Certified Organic fertilizers are employed to give an individual plant or pasture the added nutrition it needs to thrive.  

Five wells, a pond and Mallory Creek provide water for irrigation and wildlife. Seven hives of honey bees produce delicious raw honey and help to pollinate the non-GMO, open-pollinated, organic annual and perennial vegetables, herbs and fruit. 

Vegetables are harvested at their peak and hours of delivery to CSA members. A newsletter with recipes and helpful information about the care and storage of every crop in each CSA box is emailed to members each week during the growing season. 

To receive a weekly or bi-weekly share of our harvest, join our CSA for as little as $30 per share. You will eat better, save money on groceries, and learn simple and delicious ways to cook farm fresh food. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it is the best model for farmers to deliver the highest quality food to consumers. We hope you will support our young farmers, who are committed to bringing safe, delicious, nutritious food to local communities.  


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