Our Farmers

Jasen Fore (Gardener)

Jasen comes to Waverly Farms with over 15 years of organic, biodynamic and permaculture growing experience. A resident of Farmville, Jasen, his wife JJ and son Estes work together to nurture the garden and our community. Jasen will grows all major varieties of vegetables, melons, seasonal fruits and loads of shiitake mushrooms.

Michael Fraade (Apprentice)

Michael is a history graduate from Yale who brings a special love of animals and excellent analytical skills to Waverly Farms, LC. 

Kathryn Wolf (Apprentice)

Kathryn has done a lot of things. Her degree in Anthropology from NC-Wilmington allows her a thorough understanding of humans and the waste we create. He love of soil, animals, and gardening contribute significantly to Waverly Farms, LC. In her first day at Waverly Farms, LC, Kathryn adopted a baby lamb that had been rejected by her mother. Marilyn Rose found the best mother ever!

Rachel Robbins (Apprentice)

All of the apprentices at Waverly Farms, LC will participate in all aspects of integrated, sustainable farming and Rachel brings with her experience from other farms, along with an engaging, quite intelligence that makes her a good farmer. Rachel graduated from Mary Washington college.

Wade Bagley (Intern)

Wade is a farm boy, proud of and darn good at it. His family were tobacco farmers, although today Wade is the only farmer. He grows a vegetable garden and sells at local markets when he is not in school. 

Stuart Rosenberg (Owner)

Stuart grew up in Virginia and graduated from Duke and University of Virginia Medical School. He is a scientist by training and a physician. He is currently the CEO of Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA. Stuart spent childhood summers at Waverly Farms and at Inverness, his mother's birthplace which is also located in Burkeville. Stuart will retire in Summer of 2015 and hopefully have more time to enjoy the farm and local community. Pictured with Stuart is our young cousin, Sam Agnew, a grandchild of Stuart's Uncle Bill and Aunt Dorothy Agnew, who owned and nurtured Waverly Farms for over 50 years. 

Patti Rosenberg (Owner)

Patti is a graduate of the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University and brings her background in business management and healthcare to Waverly Farms. A co-owner with her husband, Stuart, Patti runs the farm while Stuart pays for it. Patti is responsible for all things related to the farm. In her leisure time, Patti runs up to Boston to be with Stuart. She would like to golf, but doesn't practice enough to be any good at it. Pictured with Patti are her pals Lucky and Emma.