What Makes Our Meats Better?

If you want the healthiest meat with the best flavor, are concerned about the humane treatment of animals and preserving heritage breeds, and want to eliminate the potentially harmful risks of growth hormones, GMO feed, fillers and chemicals from your meals, you should strongly consider Waverly Farms, LC artisanal meats. We offer:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Goat
  • Chicken (CSA Members Only)

Our animals are grown slowly and rotationally grazed year round 24 hours a day on over 150 acres of lush Virginia pasture. We supplement them as needed with our own chemical-free hay, and the soy-free Certified Organic sea kelp, winter peas, barley, minerals and other organic real food from New Country Organics, also located in Virginia.

Feeding animals well and giving them happy lives also produces the best flavor and tenderness.   Raising suitable animals eliminates the need for growth hormones, preventive antibiotics or genetically modified food that contains fillers, additives and chemicals.  We have absolute control over what our animals eat and how they are raised so you can trust that our beef, pork, lamb, goat meat and chicken are safe for your family.  

We chose Animal Welfare Approved as our standard for the care and welfare of our animals. This organization of professionals and experts from around the world develops and continuously updates standards for the humane treatment of animals.  These strict standards include how animals are to be raised for the entirety of their lives and have been tremendously helpful to us in keeping animals healthy and happy. Our farm is audited every year to make sure the standards are met or exceeded.  We are proud to have been approved every year since we began with Animal Welfare Approved in 2010.    

We also care about genetic diversity. Big commercial meat producers, which account for over 90% of all meat sold in grocery stores, have succumbed to cheaper feed, confinement-based operations, and a major narrowing of genetic diversity as they breed for the largest, easiest and cheapest animals to raise for meat. The American Breeds Conservancy who fights hard to preserve genetic diversity depends upon small farms like ours and discriminating customers like to you create demand for and save heritage breeds. They are working to save nearly 200 American livestock species who are on the endangered list, including many of the animals we raise, such as American Guinea Hog, Spanish Goat and Araucana Hen.

Doing all that we can to raise animals slowly and humanely and feed them properly produces rich, tender flavor and the freshest, healthiest meat available locally.  

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